Helping You Find the Best Way to Sustain Your Business's Legacy

QUANTICO CAPITAL PARTNERS,LLC was founded to acquire and operate a single successful small to mid-sized company, and help ensure the business you built continues to prosper


What Differentiate Us?

Seller Focused Transition

Our goal is to structure a transaction that allows a business owner to transition their business to new ownership in the manner that they choose, and that sets new management up for sucess

Long-Term Horizon


Quantico Capital Partners is looking to own and operate a business for the long-term, with investors that support investing time and resources for the sustained benefit of the business

Continued Growth

Taking what you have built and continuing to grow the business is our top priority, providing opportunities for employee development and job creation in the community




  • Revenue between $5-30 million

  • EBITDA >$2 million

  • Highly recurrent/repeat revenue

  • Low capital expenditures requirements


  • Stable, non-cyclical industry

  • History of growth with strong future growth prospects

  • Fragmented with no dominant industry players


  • Looking to step away from day to day operations

  • Wants to preserve their business legacy

  • Values passing business on to a young entrepreneur who will relocate to the company's headquarters

Bernardo Loitegui

Managing Partner

Mr Loitegui is an entrepreneur with vast experience in both operational and investment endeavors. He held leadership positions in companies such as Inbev, Arcor and Puente Hermanos.

He has a business degree from Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA) and an MBA from Yale School of Management.

He serves as President of the Yale School of Management Alumni Club (Argentina chapter)


Kinderhook Partners, Volta Global, Marion Equity Partners, Milkstreet Ventures, Goudy Park Management, DW Investments, Ensyl Capital, Scott Asen, Rajesh Sood, Cabiedes Partners, JB46, AI Global, Vonzeo Capital, Carlos H Blaquier, Alfredo Irigoin.


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