Quantico Capital Partners plans to acquire a profitable middle sized company in Argentina, where the existing owner is searching for a succession partner or personal net worth diversification.

Below are the characteristics of Quantico’s ideal acquisition target:

  • Highly fragmented industry

  • Stable market / low cyclicality

  • Sector growth >2x GDP

  • Low external risk factors (i.e. regulation, technology obsolescence, etc.)

  • High percentage of recurrent revenue

  • Track record of consistent profitability

  • Diverse customer base

  • Privately held and based in Argentina

  • Revenue between $5-30 million

  • EBITDA >$1.5 million

  • Operating margin >15%

  • Low capex and working capital requirements

QUANTICO CAPITAL PARTNERS is a private investment vehicle headquartered in Buenos Aires,  created by a Yale entrepreneur to identify, acquire and grow a privately held, middle market company in Argentina.




video source: Argentina Expo 2023


Historically, Argentina ́s investment case has rested on its abundant natural resources, talented and educated labor force, strong infrastructure, large middle class and a gateway position to the region. 

  • Argentina is Latin-America’s 3rd largest economy in terms of Purchasing Power Parity. 

  • In 2015 its GDP reached USD 586 billion, with GDP per capita at USD 13500 (USD 22,500 in PPP terms) 

  • In the last 10 years (2005-2015) Argentina ́s compound annual growth rate was 3.2%.

  • The country has a population of +40M and produces food for more than 400M

  • Recent years have seen a strong consolidation of export-oriented services, mainly due to Argentina’s highly-skilled human resources.

  • Argentina has one of the most dynamic mobile communications markets in Latin America and the third largest in the region after Brazil and Mexico. Mobile penetration is around 140% (2016)

Foreign investors and their investments are protected by Argentine law. National and international provisions ensure Argentina is a safe destination for foreign investment and foreign investors.
For instance, Argentina has signed almost sixty bilateral investment treaties and created an entire law (the Foreign Investment Law, No. 21382) to regulate and protect foreign investment. Argentina became an ICSID member in 1994 and has been an Observer of the Investment Committee of the OECD since 1996. Furthermore, the country is a member of the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) and a member of the World Bank Group, which provides insurance coverage for foreign investments made by persons or legal entities established in member countries. 

Protection of foreign investors

Mr Loitegui is an Argentine entrepreneur with a vast experience in both operational and investment endeavors. He held leadership positions in companies such as Inbev, Arcor and Puente Hermanos.

He has a business degree from Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA) and an MBA from Yale School of Management.

Actually, he serves as President of the Yale Alumni Club (Argentina chapter)

Bernardo Loitegui


Buenos Aires, Argentina

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